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Peabody police display new APPtitude

PEABODY It's called MyPD, and the app technology updated by the Police Department this week allows residents to quickly report complaints and crime tips and provides near-instant police bulletins.

With expanded features and a brand-new design, the My Police Department app is intended to help Peabody's 60,000 residents stay safe and informed.

“The app's new design allows all users an easy way to send information into the police department," said Dylan Wilson, Head of Creative for the app, adding, “These days, users demand a modern, intuitive app

experience. With this latest release, we’re raising the bar for what a government app can be.”

New app features include: 

Alerts: The latest version of the MyPD platform allows users to opt into alerts right from your computer browser, at work, or home. They can opt into, or direct from the police department's website links.

• News: The new app version has a newsfeed that is updated with local and national crime, police, and safety news. 

• Forms: The app's new features include a large plus-sign button quickly directing users to interactive police forms that take only a minute to complete.

The department receives many app messages each week from citizens and currently reaches a few thousand users with department public safety notifications called push alerts.

“Since 2011, tens of thousands of crime tips and other concerns have been shared to police departments across the country using the My Police Department app. Tips have resulted in crimes being solved and arrests of wanted persons," said Peter Olson, founder of WiredBlue and MyPD. “It's not all tips, it’s also quality of life issues, and many times it is praise for a job well done.”

The police department depends on the public for information, and crime tips, questions, and even commendations can be sent with just a few clicks. 

Forms can be sent in a variety of ways, including anonymously. The app does not require user data sharing for use. Allowing citizens to maintain privacy, and not forcing them to share data, is a priority at a time when personal information and data misuse is a growing concern.

“We are using our MyPD app in Peabody to keep residents both safe and informed. Users can get the correct information directly from us, on their phones, and now even on their home or work computers.

It is also a two-way street because the information can flow from citizens to us as well, ” said Peabody Deputy Police Chief Martin L. Cohan.

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