Lynn’s Dom Civiello celebrates 100th birthday

MIDDLETON — Domenico "Dom" Civiello celebrated his 100th birthday with family and friends Saturday night at Ferncroft Country Club. The lifelong Lynner was born Nov. 9, 1919 to Canio and Teresa Civiello. Attendees came from as far away as France, Italy, Florida, Colorado and Maryland. 

Dom met his high school sweetheart Marie Iacono in 1938, and they married five years later at Holy Family Church in Lynn. They have five children (Joanne, Betty, Barbara, Brenda and Robby), and have 4 grandchildren (Heather, Anthony, Domenic and Olivia) and two great grandchildren (Molly and Emily). Marie passed away in 2000. Dom also had an older sister, Maria Francesca (Frances), and younger siblings Carmela (Camille) and Anthony (Sonny).

Dom's family and friends shared these memories:

"Dom went to church every Sunday and attended Sunday School. He was a very good student and Sister Mary Smith approached hi…

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