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The Final Music Breakdown: Jonas Brothers deliver Christmas early

Move over, Mariah Carey. 

The Jonas Brothers are here to bring Christmas cheer, and it’s only the beginning of November. But I am all for it. 

If my beloved brothers came out with Christmas music back when I was 12, I can’t imagine how that would have gone. 

I probably would have lost my voice from playing it on repeat and singing it at the top of my lungs, or my iPod would have been smashed by my older brother, or my parents would have grounded me just so they could lock me in my room and take my music away so they didn’t have to hear it.

Who knows.

What I do know is that now, at 24 years old, my roommates are the ones stuck with my joyous love for this new song. Ladies, be forewarned I have only listened to this song three times today. It’s just not enough. But don’t worry, I’ll be home soon. 

This week’s New Music Friday also gave us two album releases from two fierce female artists. The first from Bishop Briggs, the British queen of dark pop, and the second from Doja Cat, the American rapper/internet star who caught fame after releasing her unique “Mooo!” music video.

We also got comeback music from a heavy metal legend and an electronic rock band.

On a sad sidenote, this is my last music column with The Item. To anyone who took the time to read this and catch up on all the new music happenings (other than my mother), thank you. Hopefully, some day down the line I can pick this up on my own and we can do it all over again.

For the last time, here is…


“CHAMPION” an album by Bishop Briggs

  • She’s angry and it shows, throughout her third album. The first track, “I STILL LOVE YOU,” is the perfect introduction to an edgy album that is reminiscing a bad breakup. Briggs sounds calm, cool, and collected, all while showing us her vulnerable side. The back beats and bass on “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?” are the definition of funky edge. Her high notes and low notes are flawless while telling her ex she knows he wishes he could hold her now. “CHAMPION” is the dark pop power anthem everyone could use in their life. For anyone who needs a good workout song, here you go. “TATTOOED ON MY HEART,” is full of pop piano ballads, strong vocal notes, and a clear message to be weary of the relationships you begin. My favorite track on the album, “JEKYLL & HIDE,” is dark, catchy, and impossible not to play on repeat. Brigg’s play on words throughout the lyrics are all clever and her vocals sound their best, yet. With its gospel-style chorus intro, “LONELY” is the pivotal point of the album, where Briggs realizes all the faults in the relationship she couldn’t see before. She remains consistent with her edgy style, but somehow always finds a way to make each song perfectly different. “WILD” was slightly dull for my taste, but I have a feeling it’s one of those songs that sounds better live. She illustrates her emotions while singing the verses. “MY SHINE” is a dark pop, rock, hip-hop, alternative twist. It’s the song you need to tell a toxic person that they suck and they will never take away your light. “I TRIED” is Briggs’ acoustic farewell song of the album. She bares it all and lays it all on the line. She tried, but the relationship didn’t work. But this whole album does. Brava.

“Hot Pink” an album by Doja Cat

  • You either love her, or you hate her, but Doja Cat (Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini) has grown on me. Her artistic versatility is showcased throughout her sophomore album. She raps, she sings, she helps direct her music videos, and she has a say in her production. “Cyber Sex” is sexy, catchy, and has me obsessed with her vocals. Her verses are near genius and her flow is on point. “Rules,” is a song filled with pure seduction with its slow guitar intro. She has real voice in her verses and I can hear her personality right through the words. “Say SO” is a funkadelic dream that shows off Doja’s serious side as a singer, with high notes not many artists could hit. Hip-hop smash “Like That” featuring Gucci Mane is a future number one hit. I’d be surprised if female rappers all over weren’t finally recognizing Doja Cat as competition. “Addiction” is the most R&B vibe off the album, with a touch of disco-funk, where the artists continues to show off her chops. The catchiest track of the 12, “Juicy” gives us a Doja and Tyga collaboration. It’s the catchy, inappropriate smash that every hip-hop album needs.

“Like It’s Christmas” by Jonas Brothers

  • Nick, Joe and Kevin gave us a duuwop holiday dream and tied a red bow around it. I close my eyes and picture snow falling every time I listen to it. It’s a pop Christmas hit, right up there with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe.” The lyrics paint a romantic white Christmas picture and their vocals are pure pop perfection. I usually hate when people get excited for the holiday before it even hits December, but I’m not a hypocrite. BRING ON SANTA CLAUS! Because now I need a whole Jonas Brothers’ holiday album.

“The Best” by AWOLNATION

  • This is edgier than anything I can remember from the LA-based group, who is famously known for their 2011 hit single “Sail.” The track has an electronic, ’80s synth pop vibe with a hard rock twist. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. The group has a good balance act of highs and lows throughout the song, switching up the beats to provide a sense of allure. 

“Under the Graveyard” by Ozzy Osbourne

  • I felt the 1980s hit me in the face when I heard the first seconds of guitar strumming, followed by the Osbourne voice anyone over the age of 22 has embedded in their brains. I love a good hit of nostalgia every once in a while, and that is exactly what good-ol’ Ozzy has given us on “Under the Graveyard.” While, musically, it’s a good song, it’s more depressing than I expected with lyrics like “It’s cold in the graveyard, we all die alone.” Can somebody check in on him?

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