City Councilor-at-Large Dan Rizzo questions Amazon's coming to Revere (Courtesy)

Revere Mayoral challenger Dan Rizzo sees flaws in Amazon facility

REVERE Mayor Brian Arrigo's announcement last week that Amazon is planning to open its newest distribution facility in the city was met with a shrug from Councilor-at-Large Daniel Rizzo, his opponent for the corner office. 

"I think there's a misconception among the public that this is an HQ2 (Amazon headquarters) vs. a distribution center like in Everett," Rizzo said. "We need to be very careful about this. Outside of the name, Amazon, we don't have any other information in terms of how they're going to be providing (jobs) to Revere residents or controlling traffic down there." 

The 600 vans and vehicles that will be parked on the site, located at 135 American Legion Highway, and used by employees to make deliveries will put a further strain on a road that is already congested, Rizzo said. …

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