Letter to the Editor: Camuso seeking reelection

My name is Robert J Camuso Sr. and I’m seeking reelection as Saugus Precinct 2 Town Meeting member. I’m a proud union construction worker for more than 26 years.

My wife, Michelle, and I have two sons who are Saugus public school students. My family is the reason I got involved in Town Meeting issues. I live on Eustis Street where I own a home, so I’m here to stay and I want what’s best for my family and my community of Saugus.

I don’t own any businesses in town or on any other boards or committees to conflict in any decision that need to be made at Town Meeting. My views and decisions are for Saugus and nothing else. 

As an incumbent, I have 100 percent attendance for all Town Meeting meetings. My opinion is if something needs to be said then say it and be very transparent. 

I have been a vocal supporter in my neighborhood since I moved here on ongoing issues with development at the Caddy Farm area that will impact our Precinct 2 area I believe in a negative way. 

I moved here to Saugus to raise my family and to be involved in my community and help make a difference. 

I’m asking for your vote on Nov. 5 to keep representing Precinct 2. I’m hoping to earn your vote, I believe I’m an honest person who is involved in my town to move us forward and to better our community.

Thank you. I am listed seventh on the ballot.

Robert J Camuso Sr.

Precinct 2 

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