Have you seen me? Peabody woman offering $100 reward for missing cat

If you've seen Ollie, please call Kathi Hill. (Courtesy)

PEABODY — A desperate search is on for Ollie.

Kathi Hill has offered a $100 reward for the safe return of her 14-pound Maine Coon cat that went missing nearly two months ago.

Hill, who lives at the Mobile Estates on Route 1 with three other cats, said Ollie took off in August.  

“I think he may have been scared by a coyote or another cat chasing him,” she said. “It appears he lost his name tag in a scuffle and ran into the woods behind Mobile Estates.”

He has a flea collar and he’s hard to miss, she said, because he’s big and has a set of double paws that makes him stand out.

Hill posted a notice on social media with her telephone number. Since then, she’s received dozens of calls. But in every case, when a photo of the pet is texted to her, it turns out it’s not Ollie.

She received a call last week after dark from a man who was in the nearby Big Lots parking lot who thought he spotted him. She raced over to the Newbury Street store and followed a trail of his thick hair, and thought she caught a glimpse of him on the run.

“I called Ollie, Ollie, Ollie, but he was afraid, I think, and ran behind the building and I lost sight of him when he ran up an embankment,” she said. 

The next morning, she renewed her search next door at the Registry of Motor Vehicles at 8 Newbury St. in Danvers. But no luck.

Ollie is accustomed to being outside, she said, but his world has been limited to a short radius around her mobile home. 

“He loves to go outside, stay in the yard, guard the tomato plants, and sleeps under the patio furniture,” she said. “It’s just that he’s never been out in the woods so when he got scared it took him somewhere and he didn’t know his way back.”

If you see Ollie, please call Hill at 781-502-8216.

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