Girls soccer player Dorr makes history in Winthrop by scoring 50th goal

Maura Dorr, lef, with teammates Tracey Martucci and Jenna Dorr, scored her 50th goal last week. (Winthrop High)

WINTHROP — After stellar freshman and sophomore seasons, Winthrop girls soccer star Maura Dorr knew history was within reach. The junior forward scored her 50th career goal last week, solidifying her place as Winthrop’s all-time leading scorer. 

“After freshman and sophomore year we looked at the numbers and we definitely knew it was something that was possible,” Dorr said. “It definitely set in for me right away. It’s something that I’ve had my eye on for a while now and I’ve been working toward. I was excited to get the chance to do it this season.”

This Vikings team knows more than most about making history. Dorr’s 50th goal broke a record previously held by Winthrop assistant coach Julie Dawson. Before Dawson, Vikings head coach Tracy Martucci held the record. 

“Julie held the record for 15 years,” Martucci said. “I actually coached her when she beat mine in 2008 and now she’s my assistant. It’s great to see. I’ve been fortunate to coach and see a lot  program-great players come through. 

“It’s always nice to have athletes that put up numbers like that here,” Martucci said. “Winthrop is not a big soccer town. And Maura really deserves it. She’s a great kid, great athlete and student. She works hard. It’s been nice to coach both players who have set the record.”

Martucci has coached the Vikings for 12 years and hasn’t seen many players of Dorr’s caliber. She pointed to Dorr’s knowledge of the game as a key factor that sets her apart. 

“She just has an eye for the game,” Martucci said. “Her touch with the ball, you don’t see it very often. I’ve seen a lot of players and most don’t get the game the way she does. Maura just has a  nose for the net. She’s a really smart player.”

It was only a matter of time before Dorr netted her 50th goal, coming off a 29-goal season her sophomore year. The junior playmaker currently has 13 goals this season, bringing her career total to 56.

For Dorr, cementing her name in Vikings’ soccer history has been a long term aspiration. 

“It’s been something I’ve worked for my entire soccer career,” Dorr said. “It’s really special. I grew up playing soccer my whole life and this sport means a lot to me.”

Also playing for the Vikings is Maura’s twin sister, Jenna, a defender. Having one of her biggest supporters on the field for her record-setting goal made the moment even more special for Maura.

“Playing with my sister does make it more special,” Maura said. “She was really helpful in making me the player that I am. She’s been one of my biggest supporters and teammates so I wouldn’t be here without her.” 

Martucci said the Dorr sisters bring different skills to the team. 

“It’s nice to have them both on the field,” Martucci said. “They’re both completely opposite in the game. Maura plays offense and Jenna plays defense, totally different positions but they both excel at them.”

With the rest of this season to play and her senior season next year, Maura’s record is sure to grow in the future. 

But for now she’s thankful to all the people who put her in this position.

“There’s definitely been a lot of people that have helped me along the way,” Dorr said. “This is really because of them. All the coaches I’ve had in my life, all the teammates and definitely my parents.”



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