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Swampscott man out of his gourd with giant pumpkin

From left, Tom Keenan of Swampscott, Keenan's cousin Paul Nash of Salem, and a crew from ML Landscaping comprised of Thomas Lopez of Lynn, Diego Perez of Lynn, and Felipe Lopez of Lynn, in the Bobcat, remove the giant pumpkin from Keenan's backyard so it can be transported to the Topfeild Fair for the annual competition. (Spenser R. Hasak)
SWAMPSCOTT — All Tom Keenan wanted in his backyard was a vegetable garden. Instead, he ended up with a giant pumpkin patch. The Swampscott resident of nearly two decades has grown two giant pumpkins in his backyard for nearly seven consecutive years. This year, he grew his biggest pumpkin yet, estimated between 1,600 and 1,800…

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