Letter to the Editor: Moderator says thanks

Many thanks to the nearly 1,000 registered voters who attended our Special Town Meeting on the Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail. 

It is an age-old practice and the purest form of democracy. We should all be very proud that it is alive and well in Lynnfield. A thoughtful and civil dialogue ensued.

I was thrilled for the opportunity to moderate my second meeting. 

Town Administrator Robert Dolan, Assistant Town Administrator Robert Curtin, Town Clerk Trudy Reid and Town Council Thomas Mullin were instrumental in helping to make the meeting run smoothly. It was a pleasure to work with them.  We also owe a big thank you to everyone involved in checking us in, working the cameras and microphones in the auditorium and gym and Jack Adelson. They were invaluable throughout the meeting.

Additionally, I want to thank Michaelann Herook, with the Lynnfield Community Schools, for organizing our childcare program, which was a huge success.

Volunteers on the town boards and committees were diligent and their efforts tireless to educate voters. Our system of municipal government thrives on volunteers; we are all in their debt. I look forward to seeing you for our October meeting in three weeks. 

Joseph Markey

Town Moderator

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