Letter to the Editor: A vote for Cyr

Darren Cyr has done more for Lynn’s Ward 3 than any other Ward 3 city councilor in the 48 years my family has lived on Jackson Street. For more than 10 years, there was an abandoned house next to mine; basically a rat and pigeon motel. My cat, Merlin, would catch three or four rats every morning.

We complained to councilors but nothing happened until Darren Cyr was elected councilor. Within days of taking office, Cyr came to my house to view conditions in the abandoned house and, days later, city agency officials were at the property, including Lynn Housing Authority and Neighborhood Development (LHAND).

Within months, the rat motel was gone and replaced by a beautiful duplex built by LHAND.

Darren also stopped on-street car repairs at Essex and Jackson streets and got the garage site cleaned up.

He has had several homes in the ward torn down that needed tearing down. He worked his butt off trying to make something happen with the former Thurgood Marshall Middle School site on Porter Street.

Darren offered support for small ethnic restaurant owners opening businesses across the city. Those openings hearken back to the 1940s and 1950s when small restaurants dotted the city.

If you have a problem with rubbish, you can call Darren. If you have a problem getting snow plowed off your street, call Darren. If you want to throw a block party, check with Darren.

If you want to see Darren in action, watch City Council coverage on channels 3 and 22 and you will see why he should be reelected. 

Michael Pasquale


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