Letter to the Editor: Don’t take a chance

Attention all Republicans, Independents and swing voters — as individual citizens, what do we actually know about climate change? If we are honest, we’ll admit that our knowledge is generally pretty spotty. 

Furthermore, there is certainly the possibility that information we think is accurate comes from media sources and politicians who are being less than truthful in order to help their big money benefactors in the oil/energy industries.

In any case, we do know that we love our children and grandchildren. Current climate science is clear that the extreme weather events we’ve seen in the last year or two are just the beginning of irreversible “climate disruption.” 

Do we want it on our conscience that we did nothing while extreme weather began to spiral out of control?

Are we sitting on the sidelines while extreme weather becomes more and more devastating every decade with mega-hurricanes, repeated massive floods, unstoppable wildfires, unbearable heat waves and deadly tornadoes ripping up communities. 

The consensus of climate scientists is that we are currently headed toward these disastrous conditions well before the end of this century, if we don’t drastically curb our carbon emissions now. 

The shift away from fossil fuels can be done — it is mostly a matter of public policy — and it must be done. It is not too late. Otherwise, an unknown percentage of our children and grandchildren will not be able to survive this bleak future. Let’s not take a chance with the lives of our loved ones.

Chuck Sher

Petaluma, Calif.


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