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William Cash found guilty of second-degree murder

William Cash was sentenced Monday in the murder of Lenny Clement. (Paula Muller )

SALEM — It took three days of deliberation, but a jury found William Cash guilty of second-degree murder.

The brazen afternoon shooting on Easter Sunday two years ago in downtown Lynn took the life of 46-year-old Lenardo “Lenny” Clement and injured his friend, Prince Belin.

“The last three weeks have been very emotionally and physically draining,” said Muriel Clement, Lenny’s mother, who attended every session of the eight-day trial with friends in Essex County Superior Court. 

Cash, 47, was also convicted of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily harm, human trafficking, and a host of gun and assault charges. 

He faces life in prison. Judge Timothy Feeley will impose sentence on Sept. 30. An appeal of the conviction is automatic.

Essex County Assistant District Attorney Susan Dolhun convinced the 12-member jury that Cash shot the two men as they were walking home from church in Central Square with Belin’s fiancée. 

Cash had repeatedly attempted to lure her into his prostitution ring, prosecutors alleged.  Evidence showed Cash shot the men after they told him to leave her alone.  

Prosecutors played surveillance video in court which showed the moments before and after the shooting. 

Dolhun also introduced evidence to prove Cash was profiting from the prostitution of two women who worked from a Mall Street apartment.

Robert Sheketoff, Cash’s attorney, declined to comment on the verdict. 

“I can tell you, my client was disappointed,” he said.

While the prosecution had asked for first degree, which means life in prison without the possibility of parole, Clement said she was not disappointed in the verdict. 

“We didn’t get first-degree murder, but he was found guilty on every charge but one, that’s enough to put him away for a long time,” she said. “I look forward to closing this chapter of my life and celebrate and memorialize the life of my precious Lenny.”

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