A stolen ambulance crashed into a parked car outside Shoemaker Elementary School in Lynn. (Massachusetts State Police)
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Two arrested after stolen ambulance crashes into Lynn teacher’s car

LYNN — State Police have arrested two people after pursuing a stolen ambulance from Peabody to Lynn, where it crashed into a teacher's parked car outside Shoemaker Elementary School Thursday afternoon, authorities said. 

Rob Daddario, 48, a Regina Road resident who lives across the street from where the collision occurred, said he was out in his backyard when he started to hear sirens. When he went out front, he heard more sirens, followed by screeching and a loud crash. 

"I noticed there was an ambulance crashed into a car and about 10 state troopers," said Daddario. "I only (saw) one guy. They had him basically at gunpoint and had to get him out of the car. I just started videotapin…

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