Letter to the Editor: Vote yes on Sept. 26

In order for Lynnfield to continue to be the town we want it to be in the future, we need to invest in it now. A vote at the Sept. 26 Special Town Meeting to spend money on the rail trail requires a simple majority.

It does not require new borrowing by the town or new taxes. It does not use funds from the town stabilization account or free cash account.

The vote is an investment of $348,000 to finish the trail final design and gain the $10 million in federal and state money to build the trail. A 3 percent investment to get 100 percent funding for construction makes sense. 

The Recreation Path Committee report puts the annual maintenance cost at $8,000. It equates to one of the best value-added opportunities Lynnfield has had in decades.

The proposed $10 million construction spending includes money to be spent on screening and fencing for our abutters. This money can only be used to construct a rail trail and cannot be used to fund any other town projects.

This spending will enhance property values. The trail will foster desirability for our town and in turn enhance our property values, especially for residents living closest to the rail trail, as noted in the committee report.  

The committee is composed of a talented group of professionals with diverse backgrounds who carefully researched the key facts of the Wakefield-Lynnfield Rail Trail project for the past two years. 

They have collaborated with our town departments — Town Counsel, Police, Fire, DPW, and Engineering — to create their report. The committee unanimously voted to recommend the town of Lynnfield proceed and complete the final design phase.

The Finance Committee voted 8-2 to endorse the Sept. 26 Special Town Meeting rail trail warrant article.

I urge a yes vote on Sept. 26, 7 p.m., at the middle school.

Vince Inglese


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