Lynnfield to honor first responders on Sept. 11

Town Veterans Services Officer Bruce Siegel has added his expertise to discussions on planning a new memorial. (Spenser R. Hasak)

LYNNFIELD — Residents gathering on the Common Wednesday can memorialize lives lost on Sept. 11 as well as honor first responders and discuss ways to salute locals who served in the military. 

The 6 p.m. salute to first responders, including police officers, emergency medical personnel and firefighters, takes place near the Meeting House, where town War Memorial Committee members will meet at 6:30 p.m. to discuss design and locations for new war memorial. 

“Our concept is, ‘If you served, we want to honor you,'” said Committee Chair Jason Kimball.

The Marine Corps veteran and fellow committee members won Board of Selectmen approval in December 2017 for a memorial site on the Common’s South Common Street side. 

Kimball said the existing town memorial opposite the public library on Summer Street honors town residents who served in the military. But it was erected before Sept. 11 and United States military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

He said the committee has consulted town Veterans Services Officer Bruce Siegel to discuss ideas for a new memorial that includes local Global War Against Terrorism veterans’ names and a design honoring all Lynnfield residents who served in the military.

“Another important concept is a memorial that can grow so we can add more names,” Kimball said. 

Board Chairman Philip Crawford plans to attend the committee’s Wednesday evening discussion and hear design proposals. He said renewed planning discussions for a new memorial come a time when the Common is the focus of several projects.

The Meeting House, the historic building on the Common, just underwent painting following roof work. The Rotary Club of Lynnfield has proposed building a Common gazebo, and work is poised to get underway on replacing the failed septic systems serving the Meeting House and the library. 

Crawford said he will keep these projects in mind as he weighs prospective site locations for a new memorial.

“My biggest concern is taking up too much room on the Common,” he said. 

Kimball said the septic system will be one of the topics discussed Wednesday night.

“We’re trying to be as thorough as possible. We’re doing additional due diligence,” he said. 


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