Lynnfield Rotary’s good works

I attended a meeting of the Lynnfield Rotary Club and I was inspired by all the good work local Rotarians do for Lynnfield and the surrounding communities.  

Rotary had invited me to speak about the Frances R. Soderberg Scholarship which our company established to support those working in the area of special education.  I was grateful for the invitation and the opportunity to share our news of this initiative with others through the Rotary organization.

 After my brief presentation, I stayed for the business portion of the meeting, led by President Jami Booth. The club discussed plans to volunteer at a food bank as well as provide “lock box” security devices for older residents in town.  There were other community initiatives discussed as well. It struck me that Lynnfield Rotary is all about helping others. 

What a gem we have in this long standing organization. My father,Douglas Soderberg, was a member of Rotary for many years and now I know why.  

Thank you Rotary for being a part of Lynnfield’s history and for the selfless work you do to make this town the wonderful place it is to live, raise a family or run a business.


Kathryn Soderberg, CPCU President

Soderberg Insurance Services

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