Raw Art Works Chief Alisha Bautista, 15, drills into a butterfly so she can affix it to the "Together We Grow, Growing Pains" art installation at Lynn City Hall. (Spenser R. Hasak)
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‘Together We Grow’: Raw Art Works installs ‘garden’ in Lynn City Hall

LYNN -- Carlos Alas, Alisha Bautista and Issael Marquez stand in the City Hall lobby, attaching wooden birds and colorful dragonflies to their 12-foot-long art installation, "Together We Grow, Growing Pains."

The young artists from Raw Art Works, assisted by their leader, Jason Cruz, are putting finishing touches on the work, which is made of reclaimed wood and resembles a garden, full of flowers and critters. It conveys a message of growth and nurturing.

As RAW Chiefs, the three high schoolers supervised more than a dozen younger students of the downtown arts organization, in the creation and construction of this thought-provoking piece.

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