Letter to the Editor: Time to get out the vote

Why does Lynn have such a low voter turnout? Only 6 percent of Lynn registered voters made it to the polls Tuesday.

I’m hearing lots of folks were unaware of Tuesday’s primary election in Lynn. I see signs around the city about upcoming concerts and about the plastic bag ban, but nothing that lets folks know about the elections.

We should be using all means of communication, newspapers, television, social media, traffic signs at City Hall and throughout the city to get the word out. We also vote on a difficult day. It’s the day after a holiday and for lots of people it’s the first day of school for kids. 

As residents, we need to talk to our neighbors and let them know. Getting involved in your community will also allow you to hear about elections and other events in the city. We have to do better than this. Let your voice be heard!

Peter Cipriano



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