Superintendent Pamela Angelakis stands with Clarke School fourth-grader Myley Rose Cook, who was arriving for her first day of school as a Swampscott student (she formerly went to school in Salem).

A Swampscott superlative 

Swampscott's school year was a day old on Aug. 28 when students, parents and her colleagues received great news about Superintendent Pamela Angelakis. School Committee members evaluated Angelakis and graded her exemplary in her overall performance and in major areas including management and operations, family and community engagement and professional culture. 

That vote of confidence says a lot about Angelakis, who has been superintendent since 2014, and the committee's faith in her leadership. School superintendents, like baseball managers, often have short professional shelf lives. They move from district to district at the whim of elected officials who either support their goals and leadership or philosophically disagree and part ways. 

Communities such as Saugus and Peabody underwent lengthy searches for superintendents before settling on leaders who enjoy their respective school committee's confidence. 

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