Letter to the Editor: Not so happy with downtown art

Aren’t we getting carried away with the so-called art on downtown buildings? Some of them are very nice but shouldn’t they show a picture of what they intend to on a building first?

Here are the creations I don’t like: The one made out of trash near the post office is horrible; the one on the former bank building and now apartment building (the building looked fine just the way it was); the Lynnway building that looks like someone just tossed paint on it; the building near RF O’Sullivans; the indecent cartoon under the Silsbee Street commuter rail bridge (look closely at it and you will see why I call it indecent).

There is also the Oxford Street painting depicting storage boxes or luggage. Really? I am sorry but these creations have gotten worse. Enough is enough. Some of our older buildings are historical and have a charm of their own without getting decorated. I’m sure other people will agree.

The best mural is the one on the side of the LynnArts building depicting people, places and historical events in Lynn’s history.

Nancy MacGrath


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