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Lynn lottery determines candidates’ spots on the ballot for September election

Assistant City Clerk Debra Ginivan (left), Election Administrative Assistant Karen Richard and Election Coordinator Sarah Bullock conduct Thursday's ballot lottery. (Gayla Cawley)

LYNN — It was a lucky draw for City Councilor Fred Hogan, whose name will appear first on the ballot for the Ward 6 race in the Sept. 3 preliminary election. He’ll be vying to receive enough votes to move onto the general election in November. 

A political newcomer, Lennin Ernesto Pena’s name will appear first on the ballot for Councilor-at-Large. Incumbent Donna Coppola’s name will be at the top of the ballot for School Committee. 

Several candidates looked on while Karen Richard, the city’s election administrative assistant, pulled numbered ping pong balls from a ballot box in the city’s Election Office Thursday morning. The lottery drawing determined the ballot order for the upcoming preliminary.  

The Ward 6 race is the only one that will be affected by the preliminary, where a field of five candidates will be whittled down to the top two vote-getters. For the remainder of the races, it could serve as a predictor for how other candidates will fare in the general election. 

Hogan has held his seat since January after he was selected by the City Council to fill the remainder of the term vacated by state Rep. Peter Capano (D-Lynn). Donald Castle, Cinda Danh, David Ellis and Jimmy Gonzalez are also seeking the Ward 6 seat and will appear second to fifth on the ballot respectively. 

“It’s definitely a good thing to be the first name on the ballot, the first name that people see when they go to the polls,” Hogan said. 

Councilors-at-Large Brian LaPierre and Hong Net said they were happy to be listed second and third respectively in a field of seven candidates vying to fill four seats. Incumbent Buzzy Barton drew the last slot. 

“It’s an exciting process,” said LaPierre. “Let the voters come out Sept. 3 and we’ll be ready for them.” 

Incumbent Lorraine Gately said she doesn’t think her name being listed seventh on the ballot for School Committee will hurt her. Eight candidates are seeking to fill six seats. Committee member Jared Nicholson drew the last spot. 

“If (people) want me, they’re going to find me,” Gately said. 

School Committee member Michael Satterwhite will be listed fourth on the ballot, but doesn’t think ballot placement has much impact. 

“It’s more of a tradition,” Satterwhite said. “I think people look at names more than numbers and we saw that last time.” 

In other contested races, incumbent City Councilor Wayne Lozzi, who is facing a challenge from William O’Shea in Ward 1, will be first on the ballot. 

In Ward 3, challenger George Meimeteas will be listed first, while City Council President Darren Cyr will be second. 

Natasha Megie-Maddrey drew the top slot in Ward 4, while incumbent Richard Colucci will be listed second. 

Ward 5 Councilor Dianna Chakoutis will see her name appear first, with challenger Marven Hyppolite listed second. 

In Ward 7, challenger Alexis Reynoso will be listed above the incumbent, John “Jay” Walsh. 

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