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Saugus police dispatcher honored for saving baby

SAUGUS — A Saugus Police dispatcher received the department’s Lifesaving Award for assisting a mother in saving her two-week-old baby. 

When a new mother called 911 shortly before 4:30 p.m. on July 7 because her child was choking, dispatcher Patrick Tosetti gave instructions on how to perform techniques to save the baby’s life. Tosetti did this until the Fire Department and an ambulance arrived at the family’s home on Iron Works Way.

When Officer Robert Lemoine arrived on scene, he assisted the mother with abdominal thrusts on the baby, clearing the infant’s airway. 

“I issue this Lifesaving Award to recognize your professionalism, focus, and clear handling of this stressful and hectic call,” said Interim Chief Ronald Giorgetti in a letter to Tosetti. “Because of your efforts, the infant’s life was saved. Your hard work is appreciated and your actions portray the highest ideal that we strive for in the Saugus Police Department.”

The award is typically given to officers who rescue drowning victims, people choking, or people in other life-threatening situations, said Giorgetti. He couldn’t estimate how often it is earned. 

Lemoine also received a letter of commendation for his actions.


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