Letter to the Editor: What’s happening to us?

What is happening to Americans? I was in the hospital in the emergency room and, all of a sudden, a man yelled at me and my husband. He complained that my husband’s cell phone was too loud and said we should be sent away. We found out security removed him but what happened to civil communication?

We need to stop the hate. We all want the same thing: jobs, healthcare. We see so many homeless people living on the street. We need to help Americans; they are hungry and lack health insurance and many are addicted to drugs.

We have adult children who still live at home because they can’t afford rent and food in addition to their college loan payments. Let’s stop the hate. 

We are all from somewhere. My grandfather came from Sweden and my great-grandparents came from Italy. 

We can’t be afraid to talk. Let’s stop hating. Let’s stop attacking. 

Arlene DeMattia


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