Letter to the Editor: Taking stock of Gannon

Thanks for the Gannon article. As usual, the city of Lynn has shot itself in the foot or what’s left of it. Mr. Murphy hit the bull’s eye when he stated that the golf course is the main item of revenue, then the 19th hole, the pro shop, then the restaurant coming in a distant fourth. 

What is the city thinking of? They have a cash cow and don’t know it. Has The Park Commission and the city’s attorney taken a good look on how revenue is generated at Gannon? I don’t think so. Remember that Gannon is a stand-alone entity that produces revenue for the city.

The city hired back Mr. Murphy to get the course in good playing condition.

The club house was managed by the stand-alone Gannon Building Committee which renovated the 19th hole as we know it today, then the pro shop. Who paid the bill for these renovations? Not the city, the building committee did. It’s about time the city admits that many good things have happened at Gannon without the city’s support.

I have been a member of Gannon (Happy Valley) for many years. I caddied at The Valley in my youth and it was a great experience. I will never forget the people who I caddied for, learning the game of golf and enjoying the beautiful vistas that it presents. 

The powers-that-be-in-City Hall should take a tour to see how well this course and buildings are maintained by others for the city and perform a complete Return on Investment before the bid goes out. I vote for Steve Murphy and company.

Dick Halligan


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