Lake Shore Park block party results

LYNN — Lake Shore Park held its 75th block party on July 3 and 4. Winners of the field events and parade events are: 

Mini Marathon 

Girls 4 and younger

1st. Keira O’Connell                       

2nd. Charlotte Madden   

Boys 4 and younger 

1st. Gavin Richie

2nd. Anthony Cole

3rd. Eamnn O’Connell

Girls 5 & 6                                 

1st. Remy Vail                                

2nd. Ashland Madden                    

3rd. Grace Vaz                          

Boys 5 & 6

1st. Anthony Larson

2nd. Tyler Garcia 

3rd. Adam Jasot

Girls 7-9                                          

1st. Ella Walsh                                  

2nd. Victoria Vaz                               

3rd. Joya Penachio                           

Boys 7-9

1st. Luke Murphy

2nd. Mason Ritchie

3rd. Matthew Morgan

Girls 10-12                                       

1st. Madeline Martin                        

2nd. Ava Champigny                         

3rd. Katherine Hollerin                      

Boys 10-12

1st. Josh Downey

2nd. Cameron Langlois

3rd. Max  Martin

Sack Race

Girls 4 and under                          

1st. Breagha Nagel                       

2nd. Hailey Walsh

3rd. Ally Walsh

Boys 4 and under

1st. Christopher Stone

Girls 5 & 6

1st. Reece Vail                               

2nd. Arya Linger                            

3rd. Lucianna Padilla                      

Boys 5 & 6

1st. Tanner Bryte

2nd. Harry Weldon

3rd. Nicholas Vega

Girls 7 – 9  race 1                                   

1st.Ella Walsh                              

2nd. Lily Murphy                           

3rd. Victoria Vaz                           

Girls 7 – 9 race 2

1st. Zoe Flasca

2nd. Leah Breshan

3rd. Brenna Murphy

Boys 7-9

1st. Luke Murphy

2nd. Brian Levesque

3rd. Logan Brite

Girls 10-12                         

1st. Ava Champigny             

2nd. Madeline Martin            

3rd. Riley Linger

Boys 10-12

1st. Lucas Downey

2nd. Julius Serino

Girls and Boys

16 and up

1st. Jason Bresnahan

2nd. Denise Murphy

3rd. Jim McRobbie

50-Yard Dash

Girls 4 and under                      

1st. Maddie Stone                     

2nd.Roan O’Donnell                   

Boys 4 and under

1st. Jake Levesque

2nd. Christopher Stone

Girls 5-6                               

1st. Reese O’Donnell            

2nd. Elanior Hudson               

3rd. Grace Vaz                        

Boys 5-6

1st. Anthony Jacobson

2nd. Adam Jaskot

3rd. Nolan Murphy

Girls 7-9                                 

1st. Lily Murphy                       

2nd. Gemma Meola                 

3rd. Victoria Vaz                      

Boys 7-9

1st. Luke Murphy

2nd Brian Levesque

3rd Matthew Morgan

Girls 10-12                            

1st Madeline Martin               

2nd. Ava Champigny              

3rd Gabby Meola                    

Boys 10-12

1st. Julius Serino

2nd Lucas Downey

3rd Dan Ryan

Girls 13-15

1st. Emma Murphy

2nd. Madeline Martin

3rd. Danielle Baker

Girls 16 and up                         

1st. Danielle Baker                   

2nd. Taylor Newhall                  

3rd. Stacy Palombo                   

Boys 16 and up

1st. Jim Linger

2nd James Lamarca

3rd. Mark Kipnes

Pie Eating

Girls 4 and under

1st. Roan O’Donnell

2nd Liliyah McRobbie

Boys 5 & 6

1st. Nicolas Vega

2nd Tommy Shambarger

3rd Adam Jasca

Girls 5 & 6                                

1st. Reece Vail                         

2nd. Reese O’Donnell               

3rd. Arya Linger                        

Girls 7-9                                   

1st. Zoe Flasca                          

2nd. Takiera                                

3rd. Virginia McRobbie               

3rd Isabella Vega

Boys 7-9

1st. Logan Bryte

2nd. Mason Ritchie

3rd Luke Murphy

Girls 10-12                               

1st. Riley O’Donnell                 

2nd. Riley Linger                      

3rd. Jillian Murphy                    

Boys 10-12

1st. Brayden Burscy

2nd. Max Martin

3rd. Colin Newhall

3rd. Dylan Difilippo

Girls 16 & up                           

1st. Ellen O’Donnell                 

2nd. Melissa McRobbie            

Boys 16 & up

1st. Ryan Newhall

2nd Brian Symonds

3rd. Mike Flasca

Egg Toss

Girls 4 and under                                    

1st. Mya Vaz/Grace Vaz                          

2nd.Audrey McRobbie/Gemma Meola

3rd Jillian Murphy/Brianna Symens        

Boys 4 and under

1st. Gavin Ritchie/Anthony Cole

2nd. Luke Murphy/Matthew Morgan

Girls 9-12                                                

1st. Emma Murray/Libey Bloodgood             

2nd. Kelsey Boe/Allison Boe                         

3rd. Allie Barnes/Chris Barnes                      

Boys 9 – 12

1st. Logan Bryte/Ryan Levesque

1st. Colin Newhall/Dylan Diliflippo

3rd. Max Martin/Josh Downey

Girls 13 and up                                           

1st. Danielle Baker/James LeMarc               

2nd. Amy Callinan/Melissa Ritchie                

3rd. Julie Baker/Taylor Baker                        

Boys 13 and up

1st. Ryan Newhall/Colin Newhall

2nd. Chris Murray/Bryan Symonds

2nd. Tom Ritchie/Dereck Cole

JULY 4th

Horribles Parade


1st. Lily & Luke Murphy

2nd Biana & Maliyah Galopim

3rd. Brenna & Nolan Murphy

4th Reece & Remy Vail


1st. Caleb & Emma Dube, Cameron & Allison Poole, Evie & Rosalie Emack

2nd. Larsons Turkeys: Anthony, Nathaiel, Chloe, Katelyn, Tyler

Fairy Tales

1st. Cinderella: Paisley Crowley, Jaylin Frye

2nd. Riley & Arya Linger, Taylor Castor, Nicole Healey


1st. Isabelle & Vail Welenc

2nd. Emma Vashon


1st. Abigail Spreadbury

2nd. Harry Potter: Lilly, Quinn, Reese, Riley, Rown & Ella

3rd. Maddie Haggart, Ben & Thomas Mallett

4th. Elizabeth & Patrick Moore


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