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Lynn Water and Sewer Commission tells residents to stay out of Kings Beach

Residents are being advised against going into the water at Kings Beach due to the discharge of raw sewage.

The Lynn Water and Sewer Commission sent out an email on Sunday that stated combined sewer overflows (CSO) occurred over the weekend, which means the wastewater volume in the city’s combined sewer system exceeded its capacity because of the 48 hours of heavy rainfall from Saturday to Sunday. 

Joe Beauchesne, of the LWSC, stated in the email that the discharge landing onto the beach include oxygen-demanding pollutants, bacteria and other pathogens, solids, and debris. He explained that portions of the city are served by the combined stormwater and sanitary sewer systems and they are relieved by CSOs during rainstorms to prevent backups into buildings and streets. 

Michael Celona, of Friends of Lynn & Nahant Beach, told the Item that the discharge presents a “clear health danger.” If residents come in contact with it, there is a potential for getting a gastrointestinal illness or ear and eye illnesses.

He said he reached out to Dennis Fitzpatrick, a representative from the Department of Conservation & Recreation, who notified him that DCR posted the beach and put out a message board advising people not to swim.

Celona, who has been with the beach organization for 12 years, said the last time Kings Beach experienced a discharge overflow was September 2018. It will take a few days before the water is safe to swim in again, because the tides need to take the sewage-filled water back out to sea.

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