Letter to the Editor: Applauding Nahant resistance

The members of the town of Nahant deserve recognition and applause for their steadfast resistance to the Northeastern expansion that threatens not only their day-to-day way of life, but also the delicate balance of wildlife ecosystems in their waters, on their shores, and in their trees.

I attended a recent meeting, held at the Nahant Town Hall, whose purpose was for Northeastern University to inform the public and the agents of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs about the purpose and impact of the proposed project. At least 200 townspeople attended to object to the project, with many more at home watching a live feed. 

Despite the potential usury displayed by Northeastern’s representatives, the audience maintained its decorum, while still expressing passionate protest. After the presentation, at least 20 Nahanters lined up at the microphone to voice their doubts, dismay and outrage. 

Each individual spoke with well-researched knowledge, sound judgment and thoughtful argument; all deserve a commendation. Their personal feelings of solidarity and their commitment to community were quite evident and rousing. No petty remarks, no purely emotional displays, no whining. They made me wish I lived in Nahant. 

Deb Newman


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