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Former student honors RAW’s Kit Jenkins

Jenkins was honored at a Kit June 7 second-anniversary celebration at the Pao Arts Center in Boston's South End (RICK ASHLEY)

LYNN — Kit Jenkins, executive director of Raw Art Works, was honored earlier this month by Dunamis, a Boston-based company that provides professional development training and support for emerging artists and arts managers.

Juwonni Cottle, founder and executive director of Dunamis, said Jenkins played a pivotal role in his company’s birth and success. Cottle conceived the idea for Dunamis in 2013 while pursuing a Master of Education degree in Arts, Community and Education at Lesley University. Jenkins was his teacher.

Jenkins was honored at a June 7 second-anniversary celebration at the Pao Arts Center in Boston’s South End.

“She is so kind and has been so helpful,” said Cottle. “It’s come full circle. In that class, she showed us how to make dreams come true, and she’s helped me many times since. I’ve been so very lucky to have Kit Jenkins in my life.”

A visit to RAW’s headquarters in Central Square was part of the course curriculum, and Cottle said it had a major impact on his career plans. “We saw a video and every kid referred to RAW as ‘home.’ It’s obviously impacted the Lynn community. The kids feel safe there. The trajectory of people’s lives are altered because of RAW. The visit was full of powerful moments, and it made me realize Dunamis was a great idea and I had to make it happen.”

Jenkins, too, is thrilled that Cottle’s dream has become a success. “I was so touched when Jay Cottle, my former student, asked for a coffee earlier this year, and then let me know that they had decided to honor me. I am very excited about what he is doing with young artists and arts leaders-to-be.”

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