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Lynn Cultural District films promotional video to tout what it has to offer

Carolyn Cole acts in a remake of the famous Sesame Street song, " What's the Name of that Song?," turning it into "What's the Name of this Place?," and sings about what's great about Lynn as Koeun Neak and David Riley film her and director Carla Scheri calls the shots. (Spenser R. Hasak)

LYNN — Carolyn Cole, dressed in Abby Cadabby pink, stood on the steps of City Hall Friday morning, singing and strumming a shocking pink, plastic ukulele.

Cole, director of the Downtown Lynn Cultural District, was taking part in a remake of the classic “Sesame Street” video “What’s the Name of that Song?” The promotional video, which was the idea of downtown resident Jennifer Adler, has been renamed “What’s the Name of this Place?” and the lyrics have been reworked to highlight all the Cultural District has to offer.

“The most exciting part of this is that we have the approval of ‘Sesame Street’ and they would like to see the video when it is finished,” said Carla Scheri, artistic director of the project.

Filming took place from 9 a.m. to noon. David Riley and Koeun Neak of Lynn Community Television, a producing partner, handled the sound and camera. Chantha Luk, music director at the Lynn YMCA, put his voice to good use in a duet with Cole.

Scheri said Mayor Thomas M. McGee will appear in the video. We’re not sure if he’ll be singing or reciting the lyrics.

Editing of the video will take about two weeks, Scheri said. And it will be posted on social media and the websites of the Downtown Lynn Cultural District, Lynn Community TV and others.

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