Moore family makes St. Mary’s Hall of Fame

Patricia, James D. and Marnie R. Moore are among the newest members of the St. Mary’s Hall of Fame. (Owen O'Rourke)

SALEM — James D., Patricia and Marnie R. Moore are of one mind about their en masse induction Friday night at the Peabody Essex Museum into the St. Mary’s Hall of Fame.

They’re honored. But they’re also a bit overwhelmed.

“I have true blue and gold blood, through and through,” said Jimmy Moore, a partner at Bradley Moore Primason Cuffe & Weber LLP, where his daughter, Marnie, also practices. “So this is a big deal to me. I always wanted to go to St. Mary’s, I went, I met my wife (Pat).”

“But,” his daughter said, “we do what we do … and I never really thought about myself.”

Marnie Moore said once the idea of the family being inducted together (the first time that’s ever happened), she was more receptive to the idea.

“At first, I didn’t want to,” she said. “I felt it wasn’t my time. It was their time (her parents). Then, someone said ‘wouldn’t it be nice if you all went in together. Don’t you think your parents would be excited?’ When it looked at it that way, I felt better about it.”

Besides, Jimmy Moore said, “we don’t view this is an honor just for us. This is a legacy honor that represents the collective ‘us.’ There are about 27 of us over the years that have been involved with St. Mary ‘s.”

St. Mary’s inducted its first Hall of Fame member in 1990. That’s member. Singular. His name was Anthony R. Conigliaro, Class of 1962. Tony C. had just died that January.

“And when you think about it,” said Jimmy Moore, who was a classmate of Conigliaro’s, “who else at St. Mary’s even approaches Tony’s category?”

Jimmy Moore is a walking compendium of St. Mary’s history and folklore.

Although Jimmy Moore played hockey for the Spartans, he doesn’t see his athletic career at the school as anything that special. However, he and his wife have spent countless hours and years helping out at every St. Mary’s event they could get to, from Manhattan After Dark to football, basketball and hockey games.

“If it’s a St. Mary’s event, we’re there,” he said. Same with his wife, the former Pat McLaughlin.

“I met her back when we were 6 years old,” he said. “I think somewhere there are pictures of us together receiving our First Communion.”

Pat (McLaughlin) Moore, like her husband, was engaged in St. Mary’s life from the get-go. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad in 1961 when the Spartans defeated the Lynn Lions — a football team consisting of players from all three Lynn public schools. And she’s been alongside her husband ever since.

“I’m very honored,” she said. “But I don’t know what (I’m being inducted) for.”

Her daughter and husband say she’s too modest.

“She is known around the North Shore for her acts of kindness,” said Marnie Moore. “And you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who has worked harder for St. Mary’s than she has.

“Whatever it took, she did things for people,” Jimmy Moore said. “She is a Hall of Fame person.”

Marnie Moore, Class of ’87, is one of the school’s most active trustees as chair of the Enrollment Committee and on the Governance, Institutional Advancement and Women for St. Mary’s committees. She is a former chair of the annual fund, and also took part on the head of school search, capital campaign, golf tournament and Varsity Club.

She’s also a pioneer.

“While I was at St. Mary’s, they added the girls soccer team and I was on the team,” she said. “No one had ever played varsity soccer before, and we lost almost all our games.”

Still, she was elected captain of the team, “and it gave me my first real experience at being a leader,” she said.

Marnie Moore, who specializes in real estate, trust administration and probate, credits St. Mary’s with linking her with a long legacy of alumni.

“The teachers cared about you,” she said. “I definitely appreciated the school more now than I did then.”

Her children, Caroline (’20) and Catherine (’25) Ball represent the next generation of Moores to go through St. Mary’s. Caroline on Friday night was awarded the William F. Connell Student Service Award, rounding out an unforgettable night for the family.

Says Jimmy Moore, “St. Mary’s is full of bonding experiences. They were happy days, of letter sweaters and things like that. Back then, 1962 was closer to 1952 in attitudes than it was 1968 (when he and Pat were married). We had outstanding role models for priests. And the nuns were outstanding.”

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