Letter to the Editor: A vote for Don Hause

As a lifelong (mostly) resident of Swampscott who has served on many town committees and boards, I understand the ebbs and flows of the management of our town. It is a complicated business operation.

During this year’s campaigning for Board of Selectmen, I have heard some candidates describe our town as being in dire chaos. I really wonder where they live. In the last several years, my Swampscott has experienced a dramatic improvement in finances, a decrease in taxes and improvements in our infrastructure (including most recently the new, lighted turf field, and police station).

Our leadership isn’t just properly overseeing day-to-day operations, but they are taking the time to envision thoughtful possibilities for the waterfront, Humphrey Street, the Rail Station, and Vinnin Square. Swampscott is doing great!

There are many people to thank for that success, but the purpose of this letter is to thank one person in particular, Don Hause. Don has been an instrumental part of facilitating the change we’ve needed, and he has added so much value in just one term.

We are lucky that he is willing to continue the work he started. Turnover in leadership hurts progress. We will face challenges in the next four years including our elementary school needs and employee contract negotiations. I urge you to support the person who has already rolled up his sleeves, possesses the business experience we need and has demonstrated his ability to work well with others.

Please join me in re-electing Don Hause for Swampscott selectman.


Scott Burke

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