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Nahant elects Josh Antrim as Board of Selectmen member and okays Proposition 2½ override

Jeff Lewis of Nahant, far podium, raises a question about Nahant's budget to Brendan Ward, chairman of the Finance Committee, during the annual Town Meeting on Saturday. (Spenser R. Hasak)

NAHANT — The election results are in. Josh Antrim is the new Board of Selectmen member and the Proposition 2½ override is a go.

For the open selectman seat, it was a close race in Nahant on Saturday. The results show Antrim brought in 743 votes and opponent Carl Maccario trailed with 612. Antrim, a first time candidate, said this race was a whole new experience for him, given he is a “somewhat reserved person.”

“The town had some needs and I felt I had to step out of my comfort zone to do it for this town I love so much,” said Antrim. “Nahant was fortunate to have two sincere candidates who care about the town. Even when competing, it never felt like we were on opposite sides. We both had what was best for Nahant in our hearts.”

Up first on Antrim’s list once his seat is official is restoring the sense of a united community in town, he said. He wants everyone to work together in a productive manner for the benefit of Nahant.

When it comes to making future decisions for the town, Antrim said facts, collaboration, and long-term planning will provide citizens with the opportunity to be informed before deciding. He said he was pleased with the outcome of the wetlands protection bylaw at Town Meeting yesterday.

Antrim said he has a vision of improving communication to residents regarding all projects and initiatives in town so everyone understands what they are. He suggested project summaries linked to the town web page.

Instead of voting to repeal the bylaw, Town Meeting Members made a motion to hold off on a vote until next Town Meeting and, in the interim, implement a study committee. The committee will be made up of various town officials and committee members and will work to determine, in regards to the bylaw, what will be best for the whole town.

“The bylaw has been an emotional and divisive topic in town,” Antrim said. “I think this is a real win-win for everyone. There’s still a lot to learn so I think this committee can help everyone get on the same page and operating from a position of knowledge.”

The new selectman said he was also pleased with the passing of the override. He said it will provide the town with an opportunity to move securely into the future. Election results show 786 residents voted in favor of the override and 479 voted against it.

“I want to make sure we take action on all these items ahead of us, that’s an important thing,” Antrim said. “We need to make sure all projects are getting done and being managed properly.”

For the rest of the results, assessor David Hunt received 1,050 votes, moderator Dave Conlin received 1,118, clerk Peggy Barile received 1,000, constable Rob Scanlan received 967, library trustee Dan Munnelly received 1,091, and School Committee Member Lori Ballentine received 1,033. Eugene Canty got 989 votes for planning board and Cal Hastings got 834.

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