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Parking remains a sticking point for White Court’s redevelopment in Swampscott

The Swampscott Historical Commission has imposed a nine-month demolition delay on White Court, the former Marian Court College. (File Photo)

SWAMPSCOTT — Developers are touting a new plan for White Court’s Lookout Park but Selectmen are more interested in their vision for increased parking at the historic site.

“The original proposal was laid out six to eight months ago,” said developer Nick Meninno, of Meninno Construction, at Wednesday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting. “We want to take the same proposed circle and move it closer to the water. It’s the exact same Lookout Park as proposed, it’s just more centered.”

Space for the original proposal was given the go-ahead by the town’s fire department and was laid out during the developers’ permitting process, according to Community and Economic Development Director Marzie Galazka. Building Commissioner Max Kasper said the original proposal was also negotiated with the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

The developers, who are redeveloping the property into 18 oceanfront condominiums, need a Town Meeting vote to move the access easement closer to the water, but Selectmen want them to come up with a plan to increase parking beforehand. Selectman Naomi Dreeben asked the developers, Meninno and Andrew Rose, to put a few parking spots on the property for those eager to enjoy the view two feet away from the coastal bank. She did not specify how many spots she wanted.

Meninno mentioned an open gravel area adjacent to White Court could be used for parking, but noted it is part of the Blythswood Property, which the White Court developers do not control.

“Over the next week, we will all just have to sit down with the abutting property owner and come up with a strategy for parking,” said Town Administrator Sean Fitzgerald.

With the parking concerns noted, Selectman Chair Peter Spellios asked the rest of the board if they were fine with swapping the easement area. The Board of Selectmen all noted their approval.

“We (selectmen) will work with town staff over the next week and, if all things go well, I foresee things being good to go,” Spellios said.

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