Letter to the Editor: Some questions for Town Meeting

Zoning bylaws have been crucial in keeping property values and the quality of life elevated in Lynnfield. Residents must protect the two-thirds vote requirement on important permanent zoning issues, as a simple majority vote would primarily benefit developers and real estate salespeople.

Once again, we’re asked to change a Single Residence D district zoning to an Elderly Housing district at the April 29 Town Meeting.

Monetary benefits have attracted developers while causing hardships for residents. The 66 units of the proposed over-55 adult development will greatly increase traffic on already congested roadways. A minimum of two-plus cars per unit, plus one guest, leaves us with 198 or more cars on Main Street regardless of the proposed driveway, private road, or location on the property. What improvements to the roadway and intersections are planned by the developer?

What additional negative impact will this development have on the already sensitive water supply? Professional water use study/tests should be required before any zoning change is considered. Lynnfield should mandate the developer verify and document expected water usage.

What will be the water supply if the proposed wells fail? How will the proposed septic systems drain in order to avoid damaging the water well field? What water will be available for Fire Department protection?

Regardless of how advertisements are written, voters should require accurate facts before voting on lasting zoning bylaw changes. Single-family homes also increase tax revenue. Lynnfield schools could be impacted when residents sell multiple bedroom homes and downsize.

Please vote against this proposed zoning change until all of the facts are presented. Please remain for the entire Town Meeting so your vote will count. After good faith voters left last year, a vote was redone appearing as an attempt to change the final outcome.

Ed Cashman

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