Letter to the Editor: A vote for Polly Titcomb

A few months ago I received a summons for jury duty — a first for me. I am a mom, I work and I’m active in a number of community groups. I don’t have time for jury duty. So I texted my friend Polly. She’s a lawyer — I figured she’d have the scoop on how I could get out of it.

Polly’s response: “Sarah, this is democracy in action. Be excited about it!”

This is one of the positive reminders I often receive from Polly. She believes that civic engagement is critically important at a local level. If I want to know what’s going on in town, or hear a balanced evaluation of a local issue, Polly is who I talk to. She is active and informed and I trust her implicitly to be fair. She has been on the town Finance Committee for years, she is active in her kids’ school life, she attends town meetings and functions.

When I vote for Polly on April 30, I know I am voting to elect an incredible woman with a proven track record of prioritizing time to build our town and to inspire others (myself included) to be engaged.

I know I am voting for a woman who has intentionally honed her skills in seeing multiple sides of complex issues and balancing them carefully before making a decision. I know I am voting for someone who has spent countless hours over the past month meeting Swampscott residents she doesn’t know — hearing their concerns and getting a better understanding of whom she will be representing as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

I know that I couldn’t make a better choice on this ballot than voting for Polly Titcomb.

Sarah Hesch


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