Letter to the Editor: A vote for Hause

So often when we have town elections it seems as though we have to guess who will be the best person for the job. This year, however, we need to look no further than the progress made over the past three years to clearly see that re-electing Don Hause to the Board of Selectmen is the right choice for Swampscott.

Swampscott is the only Essex County community that has lowered the average single family tax bill over the past three years. During the same three-year period, Swampscott has increased its financial reserves more than any other town in Essex County, all while reducing government expenses.

We have seen improvements to Humphrey Street, the Fish House, a new dog park this spring, completion of the Blocksidge Field project and much more. Progress doesn’t happen by accident, it takes experience and willingness to work with others to succeed.

I hope you will join me on Tuesday, April 30, in voting to re-elect Don Hause to the Swampscott Board of Selectmen so he can continue the great progress he has made so far.

Nick Meninno


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