Letter to the Editor: Why our family will vote for Polly Titcomb

When Polly Titcomb shared with us her decision to run for a seat on the Board of Selectmen in Swampscott, it made perfect sense. Of course, she’s running.

Polly’s passion for public service and community involvement is at the core of who she is and surfaces in every conversation we’ve had with her since the day we met. There is nothing convenient about her choice to run. Nothing self-serving. And nothing impulsive.

She’s a busy attorney in a family law practice on the North Shore. She’s a parent of two young kids who has to get the lunch boxes ready every morning and coordinate school drop-offs and pick-ups with her husband, Larson. And after the kids are in bed, she does her homework, so that she shows up informed about what’s on the agenda of the Finance Committee, which she’s had a seat on for the past five years. And so, as her friends, as fellow parents, as professionals juggling careers, we are humbled that she is ready to make her commitment to Swampscott deeper yet.

And we are thrilled. Because what Polly brings to the table is her ability to listen with empathy; think through issues with clarity; probe respectfully for information; and, importantly, facilitate a conversation towards practical and well-reasoned solutions that can move the whole community of Swampscott forward.

She’s grounded in reality and reason, not a personal agenda of the day. That gives us trust that Polly is the right person on the Board of Selectmen not only for the challenges and choices Swampscott faces today but also the future ahead. And that is why Polly Titcomb has our vote.

Joseph and Dana Arndt


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