Letter to the Editor: Maietta for Board of Selectmen

Swampscott should definitely vote for Dina Maietta as an addition to the Board of Selectmen. I have been a longtime resident of this beautiful town (born and raised). I reached out to Dina to meet her so I would have the opportunity to hear what she was all about and what she could bring to the Board of Selectmen. Without hesitation, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dina at my home a couple of days later.

Dina is a hardworking, determined, and strong woman! She is open, honest and extremely approachable. It would be a breath of fresh to see her on this board. If you want real, authentic, genuine change and transparency then Dina is your person!

She is very concerned about our community and wants to see change for the better. She informed me she has lived here about 25 years, but remembers the feel it once had of being a tight-knit community. I agree with her that the current board is overbuilding and not maintaining our town.

Although she is in favor of new growth, she is very concerned about taking care of our streets, seawalls, schools, and preserving our historical assets. If you are unsure about the candidates that are running, I am confident that you won’t go wrong with Dina! Reach out to her and I’m positive that within five minutes of meeting her you will know, just as I did, she is the real thing. Not a politician, but a hardworking, successful business woman. How many people can say they have kept a business running for over 20 years?

Dina Maietta, you have my vote.

Maryann Picariello


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