Letter to the Editor: Talking traffic at MarketStreet

National Development is continuing their quest to add a multi-screen movie theater to the MarketStreet open-air mall. Developers always want to maximize the use of their property; it’s their job.

This time around there’s an added twist: Their proposal requires Town Meeting approval of the theater in order for the town to have a Route 128 ramp lane revision and “smart” traffic controls installed. This is could be good news for the Lynnfield residents that are subjected to MarketStreet traffic on a daily basis.

The developer, to my recollection, has not ever acknowledged that there is a traffic issue. However, now they are saying that the addition of a multi-screen movie theater will not impact the present traffic … but they are willing to fix it.

I’m an abutter, one of “those people against everything to do with the mall.” In truth, I’m at the mall almost every day and, yes, contributing to the traffic. MarketStreet seems to be thriving, but we have been told the theater is a vital element to its continued success. Common sense would dictate that the now-recognized traffic issue be addressed first before adding to it. Please join me and vote “no” on Article 14.

Frank Sawin


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