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Lynnway Liquor Mart wants to add a Texas BBQ food truck on its property next to the car wash

Lynnway Liquors is going before the Lynn City council on Tuesday night in an effort to get mobile food trucks on thier property. (Owen O'Rourke)

LYNN — In the Lynnway’s near future, residents could get a car wash, buy liquor, and chow down on food truck-style Texas BBQ all in one place.

Lynnway Liquor Mart will go before the City Council on Tuesday and petition to have food trucks on their property. Store owner Cliff Ansara said he came up with the concept three years ago because he wants more food options along the road.

“We’ve been on the Lynnway for more than 50 years,” Ansara said. “There’s no good food here for people to actually enjoy.”

Cliff Ansara owns the liquor store, located at 702 Lynnway, and his mother, Margaret, owns the full property. They tried for a food truck permit two years ago but did not realize they needed to petition for the entire property. They are hoping this time it will work out.

With Simoniz Car Wash, next door, most of its employees and patrons find their way into the liquor store during car details and lunch breaks, Ansara said.

“There are a lot of car wash people that meander into the store while their cars are getting detailed and the staff will come in and eat all our junk snacks,” he said. “It will be good to have healthy options for them on the Lynnway.”

The Ansaras will partner with Ivan Moreno and Gilberto Nonato of Hecho en Mexico taqueria and BBQ food truck. While the truck’s specialty is Mexican food, the menu options will consist mainly of Texas BBQ, according to Ansara.

“We are trying to generate BBQ with rotisserie chicken or ribs and offer breakfast as well as some healthy options,” he said.

Breakfast menu options would include egg sandwiches, pancakes, fresh fruit, muffins and bagels. For lunch and dinner, guests can anticipate hamburgers, hot dogs, an array of sandwiches, salads and homemade chili.

Ansara said, if all is approved, the food truck would stay open until 8 p.m. every day.

“If it works out with that truck then great, we will keep them,” he said. “If not, we will have a permanent location for other food trucks here.”

Ward 6 City Councilor Fred Hogan said food trucks at 702 Lynnway is a fine idea, as long as everyone else in the city is on board. A few years ago there was a food truck on the Lynnway Mart property and it brought in more people and more revenue, he said.

After the Ansaras state their case at the Lynn City Council Public Hearing in City Hall at 8 p.m., the petition will go to a vote by the council members.

“We just have to see how everyone else feels about it,” said Hogan. “But I support anyone trying to make their business a little more valuable.”

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