Letter to the Editor: Creighton Pond Camp says ‘thank you’

On behalf of the youth and staff at Creighton Pond Camp and the Boys & Girls Club of Lynn, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks for the outpouring of support from concerned alumni, parents and members of the community. The kindness and generosity offered by so many has helped offset the recent act of vandalism committed by a few.

As we look to the future, we are inspired and motivated by the support and genuine concern shown for our organization. This experience has served to unite and strengthen our Boys & Girls Club community.

Many thanks to the Middleton Police Department, which has gone above and beyond to investigate and support our organization. Their efforts have been nothing short of amazing.

As we embark on a new camp season we look forward to reconnecting with past campers, meeting new campers and providing a welcoming, safe and fun environment for all. To connect with all the caring individuals who have reached out and for updates on our progress, we soon plan to re-launch our Facebook page.

Thank you, from the entire Boys & Girls Club organization.

Leland Boutilier

Camp director

Creighton Pond Camp


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