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Two minors implicated in destroying the Lynn Boys & Girls Club camp

Vandals smashed windows and destroyed property at the Lynn Boys & Girls Club's Middleton facility. (Lynn Boys & Girls Club)

One week after vandalism destroyed the Boys & Girls Club of Lynn’s summer camp property in Middleton, two suspects have been identified.

Middleton Police Detective Adam Maccini said the department implicated two juveniles, a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old. The teens are also persons of interest in a case involving malicious damage at a construction site in town.

“The fact that we are dealing with minors restricts us as to what can be shared,” Maccini said. “These teens will be subsequently charged in these cases.”

The charges include malicious destruction of property, vandalism, and breaking and entering, he said.More charges against the juveniles could be added pending further investigation and future court appearances.

Last week, the two Middleton teens allegedly broke into the Boys & Girls Club’s property and wreaked havoc in the main clubhouse. They reportedly smashed windows, ripped sinks and a drinking fountain off the walls, destroyed pool and ping pong tables, and sprayed fire extinguishers, which made it hard for the police department to obtain any fingerprints.

Every window in the clubhouse was shattered, two vending machines were pried open and smashed in, the microwave and the refrigerator was destroyed, the outside shower stalls were demolished, and the administrative office was turned upside down.

Maccini said the department implicated the teens by doing “old-fashioned police work.” They spoke to members of the community about rumors that were being discussed on social media. After speaking with a number of town residents, their attention was brought to the two juveniles.

Officers said both teens admitted guilt on Thursday, according to Maccini.

Brian Theirrien, executive director of the Lynn Boys & Girls Club, said he is happy the people responsible for the crime have been identified.

“In the big picture, it’s for everyone’s benefit these kids picked an organization as strong as the Boys & Girls Club.” Theirrien said. “Between volunteers and our board of directors, everyone is rallying to make sure camp gets open.”

Theirrien said a lot of people have come out of the woodwork to volunteer their work and their time to make sure the camp is open in time for June 19, including contractors and a security company.

The club has two more meetings with insurance adjusters before employees can reach back out to people eager to help get the club back up and running. Between the plumbing, wiring, and electrical needs, it isn’t going to be an easy fix, said Theirrien.

There is an online fundraising page, created by Theirrien, to help with some of the damage costs.

“We are in a fortunate situation where we have a lot of volunteers, a lot of love, and a lot of alumni making sure this isn’t going to hold us back,” he said.

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