Letter to the Editor: It’s not too soon to think about a great lawn

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Organic Lawn Care seminar presented by Chip Osborne, nationally renowned organic lawn care expert and chair of Marblehead Recreation.

Marblehead was on the cutting edge converting all of their playing fields to organic management 20 years ago, but it was encouraging to hear how many cities and towns across the country are eliminating conventional pesticides not only from playing fields but from all open spaces.

As always, Chip presented a very simple, straight-forward strategy for having a lawn that is beautiful and safe for your friends and family to enjoy. If you were unable to attend, here are a few key points:

A lush lawn begins with healthy soil; including a robust microbial presence. Conventional pesticides contain salts and poisons that kill microbes necessary to decompose organic materials and transmit nutrients to roots.

A little water can go a long way. Chip recommends sprinklers deliver ½ inch of water twice a week (running about 20 minutes). Too much water encourages fungus.

Sharp mower blades should be set at 3 inches. Sharp blades reduce risk of disease and longer grass means longer roots and more chlorophyll to feed the plant.

More organic products are becoming available at the big box stores, like Home Depot.

For those wishing to hire an organic landscaper, be sure they are NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmer Association) certified. The certification shows commitment to, and training in, proper organic practices.

Materials are available at Town Hall in the Conservation Department. Several of Chip Osborne’s presentations are also available online on YouTube. Questions can be directed to our Planning & Conservation office at 781-334-9495.

Thank you.

Lynnfield Pesticide Awareness Committee

Lynnfield Conservation & Planning

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