Letter to the Editor: Longtime resident favors cinema

My family has been living in Lynnfield for 45 years. During those years, I have seen many town improvements, with MarketStreet being most desirable. My late husband Al led the group that studied similar projects around the country and helped create the vision for MarketStreet. Al always believed that MarketStreet’s success and Lynnfield’s success were linked. That’s why he strongly supported the idea of a theater.

I was pleased to see that the town set up an advisory group to study the theater and was able to attend several of their meetings. It is clear to me that all reasonable objections have been answered. In fact, the small group that continues to object really cannot come up with anything that MarketStreet hasn’t addressed.

The theater will bring traffic and parking improvements, be tucked in a corner of the site away from neighbors, provide tax dollars to the town, and be of a size appropriate for MarketStreet. It is also good for maintaining the kind of retailers we want in Lynnfield. We have had a good relationship with MarketStreet and they have honored all of their commitments to Lynnfield.

It is important for residents to attend Town Meeting and vote “yes” on April 29 for what will be a very positive addition to our town.

Beverly Merritt


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