Letter to the Editor: A ‘yes’ vote for MarketStreet cinema

We all love MarketStreet. It’s a community gathering place used by Lynnfield residents far and wide for shopping, special events, family fun and great food and drink.

Although MarketStreet is vibrant now, we all have to work to keep it successful for years to come; success at MarketStreet means success for Lynnfield. Lynnfield residents are going to other towns to watch movies. Let’s keep them here where the town makes tax dollars. I have seen lifestyle centers all over the country start hot and, over time, get tired and people stop going. We need to stay current and adding a theater keeps us fresh.

Not only am I a business operator here at MarketStreet, but I am a graduate of Lynnfield High School, Class of 1978, and I grew up sledding on the hill at the Colonial. I believe that a theater is essential to the long-term viability and sustainability of the center.

Just like the restaurant business, if you don’t keep it fresh, people will stop coming. A theater adds a new reason for people to come to MarketStreet, which is a great thing for the center’s vibrancy. A new theater will start an exciting new chapter for MarketStreet and for the town of Lynnfield.

Because I care about MarketStreet’s and Lynnfield’s vitality, I am supporting MarketStreet’s plans to add a community theater.

Please vote “yes” at Town Meeting. A “yes” vote for MarketStreet is a “yes” vote for Lynnfield.

Steve DiFillippo

Owner, Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse


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