Internet shut down in Lynn schools due to computer virus

LYNN — A widespread computer virus has shut down the internet in Lynn Public Schools until further notice.

Yesterday, the administration was made aware of the virus at Lynn Classical, Lynn English, and a few of the elementary schools, according to Superintendent Patrick Tutwiler. Tim Roach, Dan McManus, and the rest of the Information Technology department were quick to respond and are diligently working to come up with a resolution.

“Everything is connected internet-wise,” Tutwiler said on Thursday. “Once there was a realization, which happened late yesterday morning, the idea became to try and control the issue. Out of an abundance of caution, once we realized the threat and how big it was, we shut down the whole computer system.”

By 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Lynn Public Schools were back to the basics with no internet. Classical Principal Amy Dunn said it has been difficult for the teachers trying to manage daily lesson plans, but their habit of planning ahead has made it easier.

Tutwiler said the administration currently has no idea where or how the virus started. The IT department’s priority is to resolve the virus before finding out where it began.

“We will investigate once the issue is repaired,” he said. “Right now, we’re focused on restoring service so teachers and students are able to leverage the internet as a learning tool.”

Both Dunn and Tutwiler said they do not remember the last time the administration had a computer virus this widespread. Tutwiler planned to send an all-call to families about the ongoing issue sometime Thursday evening.

The efforts of the administration’s IT department are being applauded by the superintendent’s office and school officials. They dove right into the issue and have been working until the “wee hours of the night” trying to come up with a resolution, said Tutwiler.

“I’m grateful for their efforts,” Tutwiler said. “I do want to note that this does not create a safety issue and there were rumors going around from students about schools being closed. We will not be closing schools.”


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