Letter to the Editor: Councilor Kennedy endorses Markey

I am writing to endorse Joe Markey for moderator. I can think of no better candidate for this important office.

Joe is a person who is enthusiastic about Lynnfield. He knows that being a moderator in Lynnfield is more than just running town meeting.

We need a moderator who is a fair and honest civic leader. We need a moderator who listens to the citizens and acts on their input. We need a moderator who reaches out to the community and mingles with the citizens. We need a moderator who will engage in the civic life of the town but at the same time stay neutral on all issues.

Joe Markey is the candidate who satisfies those requirements.

I’ve known Joe Markey his entire life. I know that Joe will remain neutral during each town meeting and strictly adhere to the by-laws of the town and Robert’s Rules of Order at all times. More than being a highly competent and effective town volunteer, Joe is a kind and caring resident who, in all of his actions, puts Lynnfield first.

Joe knows he’s there to moderate not advocate.

In every instance, Joe has demonstrated that he has an open-minded and collaborative approach to problem-solving and an ability to act proactively and thoughtfully.

Join my family and me in voting Markey for moderator on April 9.

Terrence Kennedy

Governor’s councilor, District Six


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