Letter to the Editor: Markey has served Lynnfield

The purest form of democracy is the town meeting, where every citizen has a voice. New England has had the town meeting form of government in most towns for more than 300 years, including our own Lynnfield. The town moderator oversees the proceedings.

Joe Markey, who has served in a very capable manner as our chairman of the Housing Authority, is running for moderator. Joe Markey has a proven track record and will run the meeting with a firm but fair hand while being knowledgeable, articulate and efficient in the process. Joe has a love for his hometown, a passion for this democratic process, and an understanding of the rules that govern the town meeting.

Joe has also been an active member of Rotary and is graduating law school this year which will enable him to understand the latest case law concerning municipal law.

As a former selectman, I need to stress that our moderator needs to be someone who understands our town and its government. Joe is that person.

On April 9, the citizens of our community will be voting for a number of open, critical seats, including town moderator.

I confidently support Joe Markey for town moderator, and respectfully urge the citizens of Lynnfield to do the same.

Dave Drislane


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