Letter to the Editor: New thinking for Bali Hai site

The Bali Hai restaurant has been empty for months, and there is no definite plan for an apartment building to replace it even though three different proposals have been rejected by neighbors or the Zoning Board of Appeals. When I am driving by this empty parking lot, I have been wondering recently whether Matthew and David Palumbo have considered a proposal for a mixed-income development at this site?

While any type of apartment building is likely to upset neighbors due to the congestion it would bring to the area, I would be happy for a development of this type to be in Lynnfield even though it might increase my time in traffic. Many people live in Lynnfield, because they want their children to benefit from the school system here.

Diversity in schools is extremely important, and this seems to be an area where Lynnfield can use further improvement. Additionally, median home values in Lynnfield are increasing, and availability of affordable housing for public servants to our town is also important. Even if the former Bali Hai site becomes another restaurant, bringing a mixed-income development to Lynnfield seems to be worth taking into consideration.

Elizabeth Gaskins


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