Letter to the editor: Time to renew respect in schools

I am really concerned about students, teachers, lunch aides — all of us who work within Lynn public schools. The problem is with a few students and their behavior. It is very disrespectful toward teachers and lunch aides, which is upsetting.

Parents no longer back up teachers or principals. So teachers retire instead of choosing to work. Who can blame them?

We need a program to protect students and teachers. It could teach the need to respect one’s elders and demonstrate kindness to others through good manners.

The work environment should be stable enough so that employees do not have to leave work with a headache or elevated blood pressure or in tears.

Children need discipline and boundaries set for them. A child making fun of a lunch aide and being disrespectful is not acceptable. Let’s please all agree that we need school workers as well as students to have consideration and respect for one another.

Josephine Russo

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